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From Robots to Foundations: Mapping space and time in Asimov's galaxy

They called him Raven 
because he unravelled mankind’s future - 
the future of a human species that had forgotten its past.

Only fragments of history in space have been preserved.
And the planet called Earth had been forgotten.

The most detailed timeline of all books and short-stories that Isaac Asimov set in the Robots-Foundation-Universe. Followed by an alphabetic encyclopedia of all stars and planets alluded to in Asimov's works.
Including a list of all known emperors of Trantor.

Second edition April 2015.
166 pages. 44 images and star maps.
ISBN-10: 1499569823 ISBN-13: 978-1499569827


The original opening of Isaac Asimov's short story "Foundation", published only in Astounding Science-Fiction, May 1942, and not included in any book edition of "Foundation" since it was preceded and replaced by the short story "The Psychohistorians": 

The full-colour map of Asimov's Galaxy, a b/w version is included in the book:
(click to enlarge).